Alien Attack Team 2

Game description

Be ready for a great journey. Clear the map, kill everything in sight. You must stop second wave of alien attack. Your team is ready, does you?! Join them now and save the planet

About the game

Alien attack team is back. It’s been 2 years after alien attempted destruction of human race. Second part of this saga bring a lot of new stuffs. Better graphics, new exciting levels to pass, harder enemies and many more. Tour task is simple. All you do is that you must destroy all of these space monsters. Also you must be very fast. You move your hero with keyboard but for aim and shooting you must use a mouse. Be a a very precise, because if you miss your enemy soldier, there’s a very good chance to be killed. In this part you have help in the form of robot. You, you heard well, giant metal walking robot. Mech is his name. Use him to pass a level much easier. When your robot fall down, just continue to shooting and make a victory with your space crew. Remember when you hitting your enemy yty to kill them in a row. You bring multi kill to you, which means more money.


After each level you have an opportunity to upgrade your soldier. Go to option profile and make your army man how you want it. On the top of screen there’s an option to change your player name. Main reason to kill enemy people before your team do this is money. So if you kill a lot of other soldier, you will get more money. You need money to upgrade your guy. Also when you pass level you have been awarded with some of special stuffs. The choice is hard, because there’s a plenty of stuff to pick for your knight. Upgrade next items:

  • Head gear – Cap, Beanie, Helmet, Arrow
  • Character – AAT agent, Ghost, Patient, Astronaut, Badger
  • Clothes – AAT suits, Astronaut suit, Vest, Shirt 1 or 2, Jacket
  • Pants – AAT Pants, Short, Cargo 1 or 2, Rebel pants
  • Shoes – Black shoe, Brown shoe, Desert boot, boots
  • Patteans – Forest, Urban

Choose your primary and scondary weapon. To change weapon press on button Q. Primary attack stuffs are: Benelli M4, M16 Rifle, M4 Carbine, H&K MP-5. Secondary shooting items are: RPG-7, Disruptor, Mine.

Alien Attack Team 2 - Profile Human
Alien Attack Team 2 – Profile Human

Profile for Mech

The newest thing in this part is that you can upgrade your avatar. Upgrade him so well that you have no problem to pass to next level. Like a human, robot also have a lot of items to change:

  • Head – Steel Gaze, Giantslayer
  • Torso – Impact Armour, Greatplate, Ionic Plate
  • Arm – Hydraulic Guards, Kin-Ion Bracers
  • Legs – Titan Spurs, Fusion-Shock Packs
  • Pattern – Forest, Urban
  • Primary Weapons – 40mm Auto-pistol, Energy scimitar, A-M pistol, Jaw cracker
  • Secondary Weapons – Magnetic missile, Flux missile

On your right side of your screen you have info about previous playing levels. Bellow that you have an info about armor, speed and boost.

Alien Attack Team 2 - Profile Mech
Alien Attack Team 2 – Profile Mech

Well you now know something about these unblocked shooting game. Just be smart and quick, and you don’t have a problem. Also be a brave and be a leader of your alien attack team.


Move left or right – A and S
Jump – W
Crouch – S
Enter into robot – Space
Change weapon – Q
Shoot and aim – Mouse

Game play photos

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