Anaksha – Dark Angel

Game description

In this exciting unblocked shooting game your task is to identify your target, to explore and create your own plan of attack, make your own tactics in your own way and eliminate your target.This game will awake your creativity and imagination so prove how good you are in this kind of shooting game.This game allows you to save and continue where you left off, this game also has a fantastic story that follows your character.If you are looking for a game that will brighten your day then this game is definitely for you.Help Anaksha in her awesome epic story yet. This beautiful illustrated crime-noir thriller spans over two and a half hours of movie and is accompanied by a powerful, Hollywood-style sound composed by film industry professionals.
Look at the environment. Identify your target. Plan your attack. Execute without mercy!
We wish you great adventure and good fun!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Space bar to view scope.
Q and A to operate scope.

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