Apocalyptic Tower

Game description

Get ready for some defense. It’s not simple defense it’s tower defense.

About the game

The defense your tower is never been interesting and harder. Build your guns to protect your building. Try to be fast as your enemy. Theese people who attacks you is very angry. They ready for revenge.

How to play

The main task in this unblocked game is make good defense. You do that easy. Construct your fire guns and get ready for attack. At the beginning you have small building. Pressing on construction above the door you have an opportunity to build some defensive stuff. In first levels you have a few weapons to pick, but after there will be a plenty of guns. But let’s go from start. Choose Machine gun block or Laser gun block. Every new building cost some money, so you must pay attention and look how many money you have.

After you build your gun blocks, press space and wait for incoming. Be quick as many as you can. Move your mouse to way where is enemy starting to move to your tower. Bullets and lasers will throwing in way that you turn your aim. You will see what your guns can do. The opponent will be stop immediately. Of course every new attack will be more harder and tough to pass.

You have 30 levels in front of you, and evey new one is more interesting than prevoius.

Guardians and new guns

Every new level brings something different. It’s means you have an opportunity to pick other type of guns. There’s guns like cannon, rocket, catapult, trap, riffle, shotgun and many more… Beside of that there’s a new defensive item. It’s guards. Press on your building and buy some guardians. Your maximum guards are three to left and three to right.

Upgrade and awards

Your maximum gun upgrade level is 68. There’s are three types of weapons: devestation, managment and survival. Every on of these brings something new, like specific defensive stuff for some special enemy guy.

  • Upgrade for machine and laser guns: Sharpen Saw, Cheap Arms, Power-up Laser Guns, Power-up exposions, Red power enhancement, Blue power enhancement, May the kill strike be with you, Damage for everybody, Aier power, Chaos damage for everybody, Kill strike for everybody
  • Upgrade for icy and stunning guns: Stunning ripper, Healthy ninja, Icey cannon gun, Power-up laser bomb gun, Icy guns, Blue icy enhancement, Cheap enhancement, Stunning dustwalker, Be right back, Repair, Blue super power enhancement
  • Upgrade for cheap and icy auto guns: Pro defenders, Out-stun-ding Men, Efficient energy shield, Efficient armor, Cheap upgrades, Icy red enhancement, Super bluer enhancement, Great renew, Master Kenny, I’ll be back, Chaos auto blocks, Affordable construction

Collect an awards and earn money much easier. Your effort will be awarded, and untill you finish the mission you have chase to earn some of prices. You have chance to conquer twenty medals. These are awards:

  • First Psyho Down
  • Barely Standing
  • Guards FTW
  • Indestructible
  • Death Ray
  • Rain Of Rockets
  • Touch The Sky
  • Robo Spider Down
  • Stone Giant Down
  • Zeppelin Down
  • Tower Saved
  • Not a Scratch
  • Wasteland Slyer
  • Wasteland Getting Empty
  • Guards Rock
  • Guards Rule
  • Super Gun
  • Good Medicine
  • Multipractice Tower
  • Dogless Worm


What is what on screen

As you already know for build and upgrade your tower press on same. Press on door of tower and earn guards. On top left screen is money that you have for build or upgrade your defense. In middle top screen. Other three icons is for sound graphics and pause is info of your tower stamina. On top right screen you have four icons. First is encyclopedia. You can find any information about playing level. Find out how your guns brings damage to enemy. Which guard I must to choose. Who is enemy who attacks me or what kind of tips I can collect.

Game play photos

Apocalyptic Tower Gameplay

Apocalyptic Tower Gameplay 2

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