Archer Heroes

Game description

This unblocked shooting game you can play in story mode, player vs player mode which means that you can play with your friends and compete with each other who is better shooter,
player vs computer.If you love to use a bow and arrow as a weapon then this game is definitely right choice for you!Your task in this game would be to shoot at targets from great distances using a bow and arrow, some targets will be far, some targets will be on the move, which means that you have to really put some effort in order to hit them, every hit brings you a certain number of points.Test your shooting skills and prove you have what it takes to make you be a true Archer!Assess the good direction in which you want to send your arrow and when you are sure launch arrow and hit your target.We wish you good luck in this exciting shooting game!

Use arrow keys to aim.
Space bar-Shoot.

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