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Brave Browser and BAT coins

Let’s show how it works, how to earn a money. Later I explain what is Brave and what is advantages in comparison with other browsers

BAT coin is directly connected into Brave Browser and so there is open a lot of opportunities for their own development and for earnings. All you need is access to You Tube or Twitch channel. If you don’t have one of these it’s easy to create account on both. After that, earning some money never been easier. Install Brave Browser and keep him on your PC for a month. You will earn about 25 to 35 BAT coins, which can be worth from 5$ to 30$ and more according BAT value on world stock exchange. Predictions for this coin that Basic Attention Token can grow to 10$ per one BAT coin, so possibility to be a reach is huge. Example: If BAT reaches a value of 10$, you have an opportunity to earn 300$ per month. Brave give you some BAT coins after you install his browser, and you can download here Brave Browser.

Monthly limited

Note: There is a limitation for claim BAT coins, so you must do not exaggerate, because you can be kicked out. Also you must be careful because you have a limit per month for free claim BAT. You will receive free tokens from 8th until probably 15th or 20th in the month. When you earn coins for a first time, every next month it will be automatic sent 30 BAT coins to your account. After that you have 3 month to use this. You will be sent to your You Tube or Twitch channel or someone other account, which you can support and donate BAT coins. Keep an eye on it, when you get coins every month, immediately send to your or some other channel which you wanna to support.

Claim tutorial of BAT coins

  1. Download Brave Browser and install. It will show you these option.
  2. Click LET’S GO and go to Enable Rewards. After that new tab will be open, who look like this.
  3. Click on YES I’M IN and wait few seconds until your wallet is created. This wallet will save your BAT coins in Brave Browser. After that page change look, like on picture.
  4. Click on button CLAIM like you can see on image. It will be needed verification that you are a human, not a machine or robot. It’s easy. Pull over red triangle on one of three offer triangle: white, yellow and red. When you do this, you will see a message that you earn 30 BAT, like it shows on image bellow.
  5. When you successfully get BAT go to registration page Brave publisher, also go to yours You Tube or Twitch channel here. Sign up and log in on your channel like on image bellow.
  6. After you signing and logging up on your let’s say You Tube account, go there and press on red triangle right next to address bar like it shows on picture bellow first sentence. One small window will be open and you can see there that is your account successfully verified like we show on 2nd and 3rd sentence. Now click on SEND A TIP to send to you or someone else BAT coins.
  7. As we said every month you get BAT again and also every month you can send again i.e tip BAT coin for yourself or some other.
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