Call Of Zombies 3

Game description

Walking dead in real time, that’s call of zombies looks like. This part 3 brings some new stuffs. Play this game and after that the other games will be ridiculous.

About the game

I are alone in the city. Zombies is near and you must prepare to defend yourself. These deadly creatures surround you, because of that you must pay attention on every side. The game consists zombies wave attack. In every wave it will be a few zombies. While you passing levels number of walkers will raised. So try to kill immediately. Do not wait to gather in a group. It will be harder to move to next level.

Kill or be dead

Do not scare. You have weapon to bring some action. Be smart and hit them hard. At the beginning you have only arrow and bow to defend yourself. Remember to shoot zombies in the head and kill them instantly. In bottom of your screen you have info about your health and ammo. Also in header you can see which wave attack is and how many live zombies remaining. Beside of shooting, try to explore the city. You can find store weapons. Here you can buy, sell or repair weapon. There’s are a random stuffs: riffle, sniper, shotgun, pistol, machine gun, heckler and health package.

Call of Zombies 3 - Shop
Call of Zombies 3 – Shop

Something new you can play in this unblocked shooting game. It’s a night vision. When is evening, your eyesight is bad. Use night vision and make easy your task. Also new is lean options. When you hiding behind the building choose your lean options for safely hitting of these deadly green monsters.

Local save

Use your local or offline save. Log in or register at id net and you can use online save. In that save you have also options for challenges, achievements. Look at highscore daily, monthly, yearly. Beside of this you have chance to earn 100 gold after each mission.


  • Fire weapon – left click
  • Sight or block – Right click
  • Moving – W A S D or arrow keys
  • Pause – P
  • Sprint – Shift
  • Crouch – Ctrl
  • Jump – Space
  • Reload – R
  • Drop weapon – Backsapce
  • Holster Weapon – H
  • Lean left/right – Q/E
  • Prone – X
  • Night vision – N
  • Health pack – J
  • Fire mode – B
  • open shop – F

Gameplay photos

Call of Zombies 3 - Bow
Call of Zombies 3 - Pistol
Call of Zombies 3 - Night

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