Crack Shot

Game description

Be a pro hunter. Use your favorite the man with the mustache and go to hunt.

Ready for hunt

You think that is hunting very easy, try to play this game and you will see it is not. Crack shot is the game that brings you a real hunting a you would be very satisfied. So let’s begun. There’s a mighty huntsman John. He’s ready for an action, does you are? His millimeter precision rifle is ready to use. John is hiding beyond brushwood and wait for right time to shot some animals. Try to hit as many as you can flying or ground animals. You should be careful and you must not kill a white swans. If you shoot them it will be game over. Rest of animals is ready to be hit and make for dinner. You can shoot: bear, deer, rabbit, crow, magpie, duck.

UFO’s influence

When you shooting on animals you will see that in these wildness will be shown an UFO. Wow, that UFO doing here? It easy question. Try to hit them and you will find out. Namely, when you shoot UFO, you will increase your level time and brings you bonus weapons. So be precise, and hit those flying objects.

Pass a level

Every level have a target which you must fill it. Try to goal this certain score in very short time, because time elapsed. If your time runs out it will be game over. For the first level a goal score is 700 and after that goal will increase, and make this game harder to play.


For this crack shot game you will need only mouse for shooing and space button for reload your weapon.

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