Crime City 3D

Game description

Are you ready for a gunfight in the middle of the city?
If so then this is the right game for you! Your task is to survive and kill a certain number of bad guys who will be on every corner and they will shoot at you from all direction and with various weapons in order to kill you, so be careful, play cautiously, use a variety of shelters to avoid enemy bullets, use variety of weapons that will be available to you and that you can buy later in the shop and some of them you will find in the city. Collect a variety of boosters that you will encounter in the city as it will help you a lot in the game. In order to cross the level it is necessary to eliminate a certain number of bad guys while surviving the gunfight. This is one of the most popular 3D unblocked shooting game. Enjoy!

Use W,A,S,D to Move.
Use mouse you shoot, aim and change guns.
E/Enter-Enter vehicles.
C/Shift-Activate Slow motion time.

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