Dead Zed 2

Game description

Zombies attack again!!! You must stop them. Dead Zed virus is spread like a speed of light. It’s your call to make some order in this new infected world.
At the beginning you are alone with a pistol in this situation, but moving to the next level, bring you some new weapon and some new persons.
In header of your screen you have a four icons.
Time – you must finish a task before the time elapses.
Morale – Try to kill as many as you can of these green monsters, and your morale will rise.
Day – How many days you spend on this missions.
Barricades – Use this stuff to help you against limping beasts.

After every pass level you have an info what you do. Like, how many zombies you kill, or how many time you spend.Try to hiting them in the head and make headshot. This brings you a 7 points. If you kill zombie just near from you this brings you few points. Conclusion is… kill them as far as you can.

After that you have a chance to upgrade your weapon and see did you found some of your surviving crew. You must clear all sectors, and you have chance to find some good defensive mechanism. Click on every sector on your map, and you will see. Very important options for you is safehouse managment. Upgrade and repair your weapon here, and see which one from your group is safe, and use his weapon to strike a force.

Weapons and repairs:

Try to unlock as many as you can random weapons, and use it against zombies. You have a chance to shoot machine gun, desert eagle, riffle, heckler, ak-47, sniper, flame thrower, mine thrower, rocket launcher, black widow, shotgun, or try to use older stuff and stuff for one on one combat battle like: Bow and arrows, machete, sword, throwing knifes, sword. If you damage some weapon, don\t worry you just go to repairs and fix it. Also you have a special stuff for unlock to defense yourself: electric shock wire, hammer and anvil, tnt explosive and grenades.


Your crew are all over the place. You must find every each of them, and you must convince that some of your group aren’t infected. If he i, you must disappear. There are a four different dead zed group, which brings you some relieves. There are a shooting group. They are useful for shooting skills and bring you encourage in battle against enemy. Melle group are effective for close combat fighting. If you must go into a house, they are the best in this situation. Search party is the best searching crew you have. They find lost places and buildings, which you must visit it, and make clear this region against deadly virus. Assistant can greatly improve your skills. He is useful as your change weapon guy, and make you faster for shooting on punish the offender.

The advantage of this game that you have an option to save it and continue where you finished last time. Don’t fear, you have a weapon, zombies are slow. Make headshots and make your world safer. Have fun and be a local hero who brings a glory in your town. Also your fast moving skills will be tested. Good luck.


Use your mouse and keyboard to play this game. Shot and aim with mouse. Use R button for reload and Q button for swap weapons. When you use some mode, press space to rage mode and F for firing mode. Throwing bombs on 1 2 3 buttons. Mute music on M, pause game press P, and O button use for quality.

Some gameplay photos:

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