Deadswitch 2

Game description

Play this game like a real team combat battle soldier. Choose your weapon. Call your combat crew and ready for action. Task is simple. Try to kill and don’t be killed. If you are in danger just call one of yours combat group and make victory easy.


Before everything we recommend to pass tutorial first. Ins these level you will learn all most. How to play. How to call battle team. Change weapon. Use grenade and many more. After that you will be ready for some real sitation.

Standard game

Dedswitch is multiple game, because of that is one of the most plying unblocked shooting games in virtual world. Choice is yours which of part a game you wanna play. There’s are Standard mode and survival mode. In standard mode play game like a real soldier. With your two teammates go into these military world. Pick one of three way of playing. Choose team deathmatch – first team who win 50 points, actually kills 50 times together other military group is winner. Player limit is three in both army. Defender – try to defend your position. Enemy has going to attack you on both side. It’s up to you to try to do best. You must survive 15 wave of enemy strikes. You helped with one guy of your crew. Capture the flag – classic three on three battle. last man stand brings victory to his army. Try to pass on the enemy side and put your flag into enemies fortress.

Survival game

Survival mode is different than standard mode because in this battle only matter is score. How many enemy soldiers you kill, you have a better chance to be a guy with the most scores (kills). Number of your score is unlimited. Game is runs until you live. If you were killed it was game over. You have three situation to play. Pick one of these and ready for some good adventure. Undead survival – get ready for zombie attack. These green deadly walkers is ready to take your life without reconsidering. Try to be focus and kill some unarmed monsters. Let’s think that you are Rick Grimes. Basic survival – defend yourself against different enemies. You will be attacked by ninjas, marines, basic humans and many other group of people. But you have a strong weapon and nothing stops you to overcome this. Chaos survival – something new in deadswitch game. This battle can calls battle in the dark. You have flashlight hooked on your riffle. You must watching both side very fast, because enemy have very good chance to step beyond of you because of night. Be smart and put flashlight to target which wanna to hit.


Beside of battle which you wanna to play, you have a three different battle ground to pick. Jungle – Somewhere deep into rain forests in heart of Amazon river. This battlefield is so heavy for movement due to moisture in the air. When blood and sweat mix real feeling of battle is almost perfect. Arctic – Cold and snowy Russia is all you need to feel snow battle. This adventure is happening into wildness of Siberia, the most incredible unexplored area. Abandon – Looks like desert island, that’s your battle ground in these mode. State of Nevada is very scary. It’s very monotonic situation, but you are a soldier and try to be a winner in every kind of battle.

Other stuffs

In menu of this game there’s a lot of many other options. You have options bet. Put money on bet and earn some more money. You have odds and count what is appropriate sum satisfies you. in options change volume and graphic details. IN profile menu change your military guy hair, heeadwear or vest. Edit your weapon classes, rename profile or see your medals which you earned in battle. During the game, when is pause. Go to up right corner on free money and try to pick as many as you can money bubbles. You need a money to buy some new weapon or repair the same.


  • A D – buttons for movement
  • Space – jump
  • Mouse – aim
  • Left click – shoot
  • E – button for pick other weaopn
  • Q – change weapon
  • 1 2 3 – pick weapon
  • Z with 1 2 3 – talk to your team

Game play photos

Deadswitch 2 - Gameplay - Jungle
Deadswitch 2 – Gameplay – Jungle

Deadswitch 2 - Gameplay - Arctic
Deadswitch 2 – Gameplay – Arctic

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