Decision 3

Game description

Best shooting game in 2014 is front of you. Save city, save state, save country… save earth. Zombies attack is never been harder. Get ready for incredible action.

About the Decision

Third part of this incredibly unblocked shooting game. The saga of decision is continue. The “decision” is now very tense. Main essence is killing zombies. Of course there will be a lot different kind of these green deadly monsters. Just aim on his head and fire. Try be as much as you can precise. If a several these walking dead guys surround you, retreat just a little and hit them harder from distance. Be careful and avoid a close contact with zombie. If he touch’s you, you will be hurt. Fortunately you have credit to touched more then once.

It’s apocalyptic time. Virus is almost kill every human kind and treat to destroy human race forever. A medicine was found and must bring it to every living human community. It’s hard mission, but not impossible. Just grab your weapon and get ready for some blood events and happenings.

Town Boundry Map

Before every mission you must go to town map to choose which mission you wanna to play. Before that you have an option to pick one of three local save host. So when you want to quit the game, just do it, and when you back, you will continue from last play. At the beginning you will start from reservation camp A, till next infected border area. Picking on desired map you have not just one, but two or tree tasks in same mission. Every task has explanation what you must to do when moving around on map. Capture, direct action, explore… and lots of many others assignment you must to pass and clear.

Let’s kill some Zombies

On game play map beside of your hero, there’s a more things to which you have to pay attention. On top left screen is falling menu. Adjust your sounds, music, graphics and controls. Also continue or exit your game. Near by menu is information of your this hacked game progress – days and percentages. On your top right screen is three icons. Icon with humans shows you have many people you recruit for your crew during this mission. Second icon, looks like couple of spun woods shows you info about storage and production of materials. Third icon, or gold coins shows how many coins you earn during play. Under these three icons is info about your status in the game, or what you must to do, or what you finish. Try to solve everything to earn more money. Finally, down left of your screen is your health info, weapon who is used right now, and letter icon. In mail you can see what are you doing during this job, and many another interesting things.

Crew, stuffs and money

For easier passing a mission try to gather a team. First three guys you can pick in reservation camp. Just go there and talk to each of one, and read what you must to do to bring them in own crew. There’s a six different member which you could to call and use.

  • Soldier – is effective against zombie attack
  • Captain – brings more safety to your squad
  • Ranger – wild and irrational, but very useful against deadly monsters
  • Engineer – brain in your team. There is no machine that can not be fixed by him
  • Builder – what you need, he can build
  • Citizen – good carrier of medicine

In material try to collect as many as you can different stuffs and things. You need this to build your defense factories. Use some of your member group to produce materials.

It’s all about money, and so here. Earn a lot of coins. They need you to buy some offensive and defensive stuffs. Beside of collecting money during the game, also you can earn coins form factory, from your team – profit and upkeep, and form your buildings.


There’s a few way to play this game. For movement you can pick between arrow keys, W A S D keys or Z Q S D keys form your keyboard. Also pick one of two mouse control. You can choose move and attack options and you can fire and walk with mouse. Attack option – you can only shoot with your mouse, but for walking or running you must use your keyboard. Something new in games is this. You can choose between two types of keyboard, classic QWERTY or AZERTY.

If you not scared to be lonely, and if you like shooting zombie team games… this is a right place for you. There’s a so many incredible missions, and every new is better. This unblcoked game makes that you now wanna to play any other game except this one. What can we say more… Go… Go now… Save mankind and kill zombies.

Game play images

Decision 3 - Game Play
Decision 3 – Game Play

Decision 3 - Game Play 2
Decision 3 – Game Play 2

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