Defend Your Nuts 2

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Squirrel is in danger again. Help her to defend your nuts. Second part of this saga brings more fun than ever. New enemies, new defense stuffs, new helper essentially new way of unblocked shooting games world. This beautiful creature that protects the nuts one more must defend her winter supplies. Enemy is never be stronger and wait for a right chance to grab some nuts, hazelnut and acorns.


Before you go in incredible adventure choose easy, normal or hard mode for play. It’s first day of 25 five which you must survive. Squirrel is waiting for first thief. You your mouse in your hand, and move it. Your bow is ready for killing some enemy. Lean the bow and let the arrow fly. Try to shoot enemy in his heads. That way of killing brings you more coins. First it will be easy to pass, but every another day brings some new enemy and so until the end of the 25th day. New enemy cause a new trouble and he is much stronger than previous.

Defend Your Nuts 2 - Enemy

Buy and ugrade

After you pass a level you have an opportunity to buy some stuff in shop. Also you can repair your wall and make defense much stronger. Every new day have something new. At the beginning you have only bow and arrows to hit these creatures. In the meantime till you pass some days you can pick some other weapons like shotgun or magic stuff or grenades. Beside of that you buy it, you can upgrade your defensive stuffs. For example upgrade your bow and shoot three arrows in one move. Try to collect as many as you can a lot of coins because every new upgrade will be cost much higher. Beside of this shooting defense weapons buy and upgrade your significant defense stuffs. Build a wall, use a shovel to digging some holes or use sweatband to sticking enemy.

Defend Your Nuts 2 - Shop
Defend Your Nuts 2 – Shop

Except shop you must pick and upgrade your warriors. Choose a warrior and you have two heavy mele guys with big axes. They useful for close combat. Priest is magic man. Use him to brings some magic for easier defend. Choose another archer and you have double archery soldier. He is useful for long range attack.

Special awards

Try to collect every special awards. In may ways you can do this. Collect 50 coins and you get more money medal. Try to be a Varden for max out the bow or hunter for max out the gun. You can also make this for magic stuff (Great Arcana) and bombs (Kaboom). Get a friend indeed for max out a bunny. Kill 200 enemies and you get a defender of nuts award. Survival of the fittest – survive for at least 200 seconds in survival mode. Last to awards means last enemy in the game which calls queen – safe to hibernate. Victory is mine – you must pass the game in hard level.

What to say. Go immediately in this nuts world and be a part of it. Use your shooting skills, defend your food and hit everything that appears on the screen.


You need a keyboard and muse to play this defend your nuts 2 game:
Use mouse to shooting
Use 1 2 3 4 buttons to change your weapon.

Game play image

Defend Your Nuts 2 - Gameplay
Defend Your Nuts 2 – Gameplay
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