Divine Intervention

Game description

The world has become a very dark place, men and children have turned into zombies and the real killer and you’re a priest who is the sole survivor and decided to deal with these disgusting creatures once and for all!Your task will be to clean up the streets of your city of the infected creatures and you will be instructed not an easy task, you have three lives and if you lose all three lives it will be game over for you and you will start all over again.You will be attacked by various types of zombies, zombies children will be the most difficult task because they are very fast and if they get close to you they will kill you fast so because of that you have to kill them before they approach you.Eventually you will come across the better and stronger weapons that will help you to kill zombies faster.Do not forget that this game is not easy and instructed that requires you to be very fast and very precise when you kill these creatures because it is the only way to win this unblocked shooting game!

Use W,A,S,D to move.
Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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