Dust and Sun 2

Game description

Calculation with guns on the wild west begins!You must stop and kill bandits in Old wild west, your city is full of bandits who want to kill you, to save the town from bandits you
must kill them before they kill you.As soon as you see bandits lock on them and shoot them, try be as fast as possible with your gun, because as soon as the bandits appear they will immediately start to shoot at you and if you get hit too many times you will die.
You have to have fast fingers on the trigger and very good reflexes if you want to win this unblocked shooting game and defeat the bandits.Do not forget to fill your gun from time to time.
Your mission will be to survive a certain period of time, so do your best and prove that you have the right shooting abilities for this challenging game.

Use mouse to aim and shoot.
Space bar to use dynamite.
1-3 to change guns.

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