Even Dead Men Die

Game description

You are at the cemetery, but this cemetery is full of the living dead and your mission is to kill them in large numbers and survive!Kill zombies, it is your task in this unblocked shooting game!
Zombies will attack you very fast coming out of their graves which means that you have to take good lock on to them and to kill them as soon as possible because if they come too close to you zombie will kill you and it’s game over for you, so be faster.Charge your weapon at the right time, later in the game you will unlock various parts for your weapons and new weapons to help
you quicker and easier to kill zombies.If you’re bored and looking for some fun shooters game then you are at right place because this is the right game for you!In front of you is a big challenge, prove that you’re up to the task!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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