My Friend Pedro 2: Arena

Game description

Pedro is back. He is now stronger than ever. Enemy force strikes again. You must kill them all and put in order your city.

About the game

Another incredible shooting games unblocked is front of you. This time you have a main actor, Pedro. Mexican secret agent who works for US intelligence service. He is ready, does you?
Like previous part, same things will be happen also in this hacked game. Shooting, killing, firing, jumping, rolling… everything what the true shooting game deserve. You must choose a level which you wanna to play and let’s started. You will be enter into a real dangerous world, which slogan is who survive, he talks.

How to play

After you choosing you level, at the beginning you stand at platform. Go around and try to kill everyone who is shows on your sight. For easier killing try to hit target int head. On that way you do headshot. On your down left screen you have different weapons to pick. First is knife, second is pistol, and third is two guns. When you passing a levels, you have an opportunity to pick some other weapons like shotgun, riffle, heckler and many more. On down right screen is info about your bullets remaining. For your score look on your top left side. Mission is over when you kill all of your coming enemy. Your health is on right side, so try to be careful and hide you when these criminals shooting on you.
My Friend Pedro 2 - Level Selection

Movement and achievements

Beside of firing you must do avoid enemies bullets. Also you must to jump to platform above of you. There’s something which makes this shooting unblocked game different. For movement left and right use classic buttons A and D, For jump use W. You are near by wall, and you must jump up. Just jump and move to the wall pressing W and moving left or right button, and after that jump again and move in different way. For crouch use S. S buttons also can use for rolling. Press that crouch stuff, and when you holding it, press A or D. You choose in which way you wanna go.

Achievements – Main task is that you must shoot them all. But beside of that you have some other stuffs to do. There’s some of other order what you must to do in playing level:

  • Guns don’t kill people – Killing twenty gangsters with the knife in one round
  • Splat-attack – Blow twenty gangsters in to pieces in one round
  • Heads up – Get twenty hedashots in same level
  • Death from above – Kill three gangsters in mid air
  • And many many more… as you pass to next level, achievements will be changed


Use your keyboard and mouse to play this game. For easier understanding game you can play tutorial mode, and learn about everything:

  • Aim – Mouse
  • Shoot – Left click
  • Move left – A
  • Move right – D
  • Jump – W
  • Crouch – S
  • Jump from left to right (using wall) – W+A and than W+D
  • Jump from right to left (using wall) – W+D and than W+A
  • Roll left – S+A
  • Roll right – S+D

My Friend Pedro 2 Arena - Game Play
My Friend Pedro 2 Arena – Game Play

My Friend Pedro 2 Arena - Game Play 2
My Friend Pedro 2 Arena – Game Play 2

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