Insectonator Zombie Mode

Game description

Zombies ruled the world. Be a savior and kill all these green deadly monsters. Smash them like insects. Act like a real insectonator and exterminate them all.

Zombie mode

Are you ready for some scary situation. Be a professional and do job like a real soldier. Task is simple. Just kill zombies. Try to hit them into a head in that way they will be immediately destroyed. You can go to continue or if you play first time go to new game. On front of you is everything what you need to know about play this game. on header you have many rewards which you need to win. In bottom there are a plenty of guns and grenades which brings easier killing of these walkers. When you want to play some level, you have an opportunity to choose a map at next level mode, or do it automatic just press on bottom options, next level. On your down left screen there’s options for sound and graphics.

After each level you have a total score of your effect in insectonator zombie mode. See your total score, how many levels you pass and have many zombies you killed. Also see number of head shots or what is your favorite gun for killing these harassing guys. In these unblocked game try to be best and try to beat a record of level sore, fast kills and hits running.

Insectonator Zombie Mode - Menu
Insectonator Zombie Mode – Menu

Level modes

Choose your field and tasks which you wanna to play:

  • Annihilator – In this mode you must kill and destroy all zombies at the map
  • Killer – Specific mode. You must kill specific zombie who is mark on map. Try to kill just this zombies don’t others.
  • Selectioner – Similarly like killer mode, but in this mode it will be many different marking zombies
  • Don’t touch my gems – Try to defend your gems and destroy all zombies who attacks these baggage.

Rewards and weapons

You have a plenty of rewards which waits to be unlocked. Try to collect every of these 30 awards. Every new gift means new gun. Beside of that choose a weapon which you wanna to use to beat these boring monsters. Choose one of this: darts, ak-47, fish, smith & wesson, uzi, dragunov, shotgun, bazooka, stinger, grenades, hackler, gewehr-3, M-60, RPG-7 and many more.

What we can tell else to you… nothing. Go now and find out does you serve a purpose. Be a brave and don’t give up and be patient. Because patience brings a lot of good stuff which is main factor to beat everything that moves on the map. Enjoy and have fun.


For playing this hacked game you need a mouse and keyboard. Use your mouse to hit zombies. You need a few buttons from keyboard. Space bar for next level in menu and open inventory in game. Z and X for change weapon and C for random weapon.

Gameplay images

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