King Of Sniper 2

Game description

Kill all soldiers who are hiding behind the box. When you see some of these enemy troops you have a simply task. Just shoot.

About the game

All you need to play this game is precise eye and good reflexes. When on of the opponent squat goes out, try to be fast and simply kill. You must be faster than them, because they also try to kill you. King of sniper 2 is similarly like counter strike. There’s a some map which you like the most. Play good old Aztec or dirty Inferno. This unblocked game is make to bring some good memories of CS and Half Life time.

You are on position. Waiting for some action. As soon as you see some human on the map shot right away. But you must know have to be precise and shoot him into a head. Press space for zoom of your sniper. After that simply click your mouse and see what is going to be. You will pull apart your enemies on smithereens. You also can change the weapon just press 1, 2 or 3 button. When you are out of ammo, for reload use r button. At the beginning you have an opportunity to play just two levels. But when you pass these two levels you will unlock the others. Of course every new level is harder to pass. Enjoy and try to make fun in this incredible sniper game. And remember you are fast, as your hand is fast. Shoot to kill, be like a steel, don’t be so thrill, it will be your last the will.


  • Zoom – Space button
  • Shoot – left click
  • Aim – movement mouse
  • Change weapon – 1 2 3 buttons
  • Reload – R button

Gameplay photos

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