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If you are the bravest guy in the world you should try to play this game. Save your shelter and kill all creatures that go to your way. The task is not easy, but when you know that is unblocked game and you have some reliefs. You are a last line of defense of human extermination. Second wave is on a part. There are more zombies, creatures and some other new scary walkers. All this guarantees good fun and enjoying ins unblocked shooting world. If you think that’s a easy game for play, think one more time…

Before defense

Protect yourself and your crew using a lot of guns. If you have a save game from last time just continue, if not you go to start game. At the beginning you have an opportunity to choose your battle stuffs. First of all choose your weapon. What’s your favorite gun? It’s hard question, isn’t?! Eight type of guns you can take, but you have a space only for 4 defensive mechanisms in your stock.

Choose between these weapons: BAR, SAW, FAL, M60, M4, M24, MGU40, M2. Also you have four locked weapons: MAG, M32, XM25, XM307. Some of these riffles are semi-automatic for easier handling and shooting. After you choosing a right weapon for defense, use your favorite bullets to kill monsters. In menu, in option mods select four different bullets: HiCal, Armour Piercing, Slapback, Cryo, Incendiary, Rav Gas, High Explosive. Later you have a chance to unlock a Kinetic Energy bullet.

In superweapons mode at your menu select 3 super power stirkes. Pick three of these: Artillery, Apache Support, B2 Strike, Satellite Rain, Rav Nuke, Sniper and more locked special weapons: Artillery Barrage, Apache Squardron, B2 Fleet, Grenadler. These kind of stuff is useful if you are in unenviable situation. Artillery serve for random kill zombies. Apache support is help from an air. B2 strike is useful for air raid.

For better defense of your fort in bunker menu pick two special defense stuffs. Pick 2 of these: Light Repairs, Defense Engineer, Composite Shields, Heavy Repairs. In locked stuffs you have: Engineering Team, Cash Infusion, Guns Pack, Superweapon pack, Everything pack. Repair bunker in few seconds if you are in close combat with green monsters.

Start defending

When you finishing with selecting stuff for defense it’s time for an action. You are on position. Wait for first wave. Be ready, because you are the last line of defense. It’s very important look through the scope, aim an enemy and than start shooting. Try to clicking mouse, not just a press. In that way your bullets will be more precise and your target will be easier to hit. After you kill them all, second wave is nearing down. Every next wave brings some other zombies, walkers, creatures or monsters. Also brings a more and more strange walkers.

Last Line Of Defense 2 - Monsters
Last Line Of Defense 2 – Monsters

It’s on you to bring a glory to the earth and save planet against virus, who rules the world. Enjoy, have fun, test your shooting skills as a real shooter. Feel how you react when you are in pressure. Try to react in right time in right place. This unblocked game bring it all. Take a care


Last Line Of Defense 2 - Commands
Last Line Of Defense 2 – Commands

For shooting everything what you need is your mouse. Press on him you have a riffle, but if you clicking you shoot bullet by bullet.
Use number buttons for change weapons (1,2,3,4) or change a mode (5,6,7,8)
A S D buttons use for super weapons
W E buttons use for bunker defense
Last Line Of Defense - Gameplay
Last Line Of Defense – Gameplay

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