Left 4 Dead

Game description

One of the most scariest unblocked shooting flash game is front of you. Be a brave in this zombie apocalypse time, and don’t be afraid of these deadly creatures. Kill them all and be savior of the earth.
Four friend has left to die in this extreme situation. Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey must find the way to clear all sectors of zombies. Ellis and Nick are also here to help you to pass this unusual and frightening happenings.


At the beginning choose your favorite character. Every one of your heroes have a specific characteristics with strengths and weaknesses:
Bill – aggressive and strong gay. Strength is his second name. His favorite gun is shotgun
Francis – Blondie hero with unbelievable endurance, but his weakness is speed and agility. He’s ability is near contact kill.
Louis – Famous sword gay. Accuracy of his metal weapon is constant and immeasurable. This skinny man use every kind of swords.
Zoey – Lovely and dangerous. That’s the main words of this beautiful girl. Her endurance is critical, but luck is A+
Ellis – Former police officer is ready to help against these evil time. His bat is solution for all. He hit zombies so strong, that they heads are smashed in many pieces.
Nick – Master of the speed. His brain is also useful. Aim with him is peace of cake.








Time to play

The game is start… Your hero is on the middle of your screen. Move it with arrow keys or w a s d commands of your keyboard. Shoot and aim with your mouse, and press pause for space. You must kill them all. These deadly green and brown creatures is all over the place and you must be careful. Try to be don’t touched, because your health is rising down, and that you wold lost your favorite character life. When you put in order your sector, you have chance to improve and upgrade your weapons and your armor. Every next level is harder than before and you must do this. Upgrade your character main skills: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Agility, Perception and Luck. Also try to bay a primary and secondary weapon for easier killing. Choose a projectile, like a boss, and bring situation to next level.

Upgrade and weapons

After each level upgrade your skill and fix your weapon or armor. There are a plenty guns to choose. Sweet torment for you, what’s your favorite weapon:
Sidearms – M1911 Pistol, P220 Pistol, Glock, Magnum Pistol.
Melee weapons: axe, baseball bat, chainsaw, cricket bat, crowbar, frying pan, golf club, guitar, katana, machete, nightstick, foam finger.
Other weapon H&K MP5, SIG SG532, styer scout, combat knife.
Weapon upgrades: laser sight, incendiary ammo, explosive ammo.
Grenades: molotov cocktail, pipe bomb, bile bomb.
Usable items: gas can, oxygen tank, propane tank, fireworks, explosive barrel.
Armor: helmet, armor, bulletproof vest.


Share your achievement

Interesting is that you can share your score on social network like facebook, tweeter or mail. Also after each left 4 dead level you have info what you doing in this level. How many kills you have, total kills, shots, total shots, shots per kill, average, kills per second and acurracy. In bottom of screen write have many dollars you earn.





Don’t be afraid, and help these left 4 dead group to overcome all obstacles. Solve the mystery of deadly virus. Find and execute all zombies and make proud your nation. Make fun and enjoy



Keyboard to move a player
Mouse to aim and left click to shoot
Space button for pause
1 2 3 4 buttons for change weapon

Friends Site: Fnaf unblocked , Fishing Games

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