Game description

Aim and shoot. Be extremely precious. Try to hit targets in the head. Earn money and buy new guns.

About the game

Lonewolf, when you look that guy he looks a normal, but into his head hiding a deadly brain. Abandoned by all, it\s right time for revenge. Let the wolf wakes up in it. Help him with your hawkeye to complete all missions. Your tasks is simple to understanding, but it’s so hard to do from words to deeds. Every mission have is special. You must be focused on every part of the game. Every inch of your screen must be saw. When you see a right target try to hit him in the head. In that way you can earn more money, which needs you to buy a new and better sniper or some other stuffs. For zoom just press W, and for zoom out press S. Your target of sight will been moving, so wait when black cross matches with enemies head and then just fire a bullet. Depend of missions you can kill one or more persons so be patient when you kill an enemy, maybe some other guys come and make continue an action.

In games menu you have a four options: Mission, Riffle, Range and Games


You have a four chapter missions to pass in these unblocked game. Every new mission is different than previous and make this game perfect. You have an explanation before every action. Actually your sniper guy is main character of story which is told before reaction. You can pass this story, but better is to wait and listen what is main target. Listen that and you can pass a level easier. Your targets are different people. There’s a a lawyers who defends criminals in court, strong thug guys, hackers, murderer and many other bad class of men. You can scroll and choose which mission you wanna to play. Repeat it if you not perfect. Play maps like: cafe, court, laundry, overpass, baydoor and lots of other.


You got it. Nothing what are you trying to do, you can do without the weapon. So this part of game brings you a few things, like buy a new sniper or upgrade your attacking stuff. Every weapon have some marks, and pick a mark what is better for you. Look for accuracy, range, reload time, rate of fire and recoil. How to get a right gun. Look at the list of weapons for easier picking:

  • Hunting riffle – 4 bullets of .308 – 450$
  • 700 tactical – 4 bullets of .308 – 890$
  • Scout tactical – 5 bullets of .308 – 1240$
  • Soviet SSD – 10 bullets of .308 – 2520$
  • Enhanced BR – 10 bullets of .308 – 3720$
  • A5 M40 – 10 bullets of .308 – 2220$
  • MK 11-0 – 10 bullets of .308 – must unlock
  • 7.62 OBR – 10 bullets of .308 – must unlock
  • XM2100 – 10 bullets of .300 mag – must unlock
  • Arctic WM – 10 bullets of .300 mag – must unlock
  • SR system – 10 bullets of .300 mag – must unlock
  • Bravo 98 – 10 bullets of .338 mag – must unlock
  • SKO 42 – 5 bullets of .338 mag – must unlock
  • 200M-TAC – – 10 bullets of .408 ctac – must unlock
  • M MK82 – 10 bullets of .50 bmg – must unlock

Beside of that you can a pick good scopes for precision and more zoom. Choose one of these scopes: Hunting optic, AR Platform optic, Mid-Range PRC, Mid-Range Bender, Long range optic-r, Illuminated LRO. Try to turn also many items fora adding skills to make you a good shooter. Use bipod for more accuracy, supperssor for low level of noise, stock pack for faster reload, sling fo better recoil, bulap and ghillie camo brings some new style of shooting, range finder for mark distance and wind meter.


Range options offers you the possibility of good practice. Challenge your skills and be the best. For prize you can earn more money. On first 100m map just shoot on moving target and pass to the next level. Main reason for playing these is proving that you are a really the best sniper guy right now. Beside of these level try to be the one on beat tracks, safehouse, baydoor or trailer maps.


If you need a more of action and you craving for more and more harder tasks you’re in the right place. These part of lonewolf game make so real game, that you have a feel thrill. All you need is good mood and let’s go. Play all three maps and try to do what you have. On speed sniper mode you must be quick. Hit all green markers for a short time. Every hit target brings you more time to finish your task. Defense sniper is the more deadly level in this hacked game. Kill all enemies who are on the screen. Be quick and crush them when they running. If they pass your gunfire line and start to shooting you will be wounded. For quick murder mark them head and release your bullet of justice. Killhouse sniper is funny way of killing some people. You must kill as many as you can targets who is flying. Use you concentration and focus. Shoot when it’s right time.

The best thing in these way of playing is that you can collect a lot of purchasing items. Bet on yourself and proof that you’re worth.

Statistics and trophies

On your down right screen of your lone wolf game there’s an info of your playing. In that you can see you score balance. How many wins, kills or headshots you have. See also your accuracy for total, sniper, pistol and M4. Number of trophies that you win you also can see in this menu. Collect all of 41 medals. Choose which data you wanna to see, session or all time.

For trophies is important to know that everyone of this special stuff can be taken if you do something in return. You already take a first kill trophy, but try to conquer others: bushman, shoulda ran, hairless, mover, still okay, inside man, double up, runner, haircut, carbine artist, ground level, big brother, die tired, punched ticket, 4 pops, bad tip or no zoom.

Everything else that we try to tell it will be boring, so get ready for incredible sniper action. Use your good eyes, calm hand, relax, deep breathe but first make fun and enjoy.


  • Zoom in – W
  • Zoom out – S
  • Change weapon – SPACE
  • Relaod – R

Game play images

Lonewolf - Gameplay 1
Lonewolf – Gameplay 1

Lonewolf - Gameplay 2
Lonewolf – Gameplay 2

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