Mad Or Dead

Game description

Famous clean room soldiers is ready for action. Chase a random creatures and destroy them

About the game

You are in a serious mission which means clean and free world from many animal enemies. Your hero is waiting. Maybe he looks like cartoon actor, but behind these green black costume there’s hiding a very important person, who is very dangerous. Going form left to right on your screen, kill everything what you see and try to jump over a fire. These are main character of these unblocked game.

Let’s play

Let’s started. Your mission is first of all to survive. How to do that? It’s very easy try to smash everything in front of you and try to avoid many traps. For your save passage use one of three deadly weapons. Choose between riffle, shotgun and rocket launcher. Every one of these weapon is special for some creature to easy killing. Example, rocket launcher is very effective against rats, also your shotgun is excellent against bats. Mosquitoes attack, no problem, just use your machine gun and like sundew take them out. Beside of crazy enemies on your way to finish a level, there’s are many traps in a form of fire. You pass this obstacle easy, just jump over and fall on solid soil.

Like many shooting games, so this one also have a ammo limit. Pick one of many guns to defend yourself pressing on number button. On your top lest screen is info of remaining ammunition for that weapon. So when you going try to collect as many as you can ammo when is appear on your screen. In that case your have a plenty opportunities to pass a level like a Rambo. Be mad and shooting, just shooting and everyone will be dead. When your health is in critical condition just pick medical item on your map, and recover yourself. If you are surround and there is no way out, try to bring enemies together near an explosive barrels and shoot on these sheet metal item. These stuff will be explode and kill everyone close.

Mad Or Dead - Hero
Mad Or Dead – Hero

Level complete

One of main tasks is that you must a pass a level. Every next level bring more dangerous mission. When you finish a level you can see how and on which way you pass this one of many adventures. On your down left screen you cans see which level you are, while on the opposite side of the screen is your score. Every kill person bring you a points. IF you are envy of statistics there’s a more info for passing level. Values are expressed in percentages:

  • Missles fired
  • Accuracy
  • Enemies killed
  • Enemies skipped
Mad Or Dead - Game play
Mad Or Dead – Game play


  • Moving left/right – A/D
  • Jump – SPACE or W
  • Change weapon – 1 2 3 buttons

Let’s make this game very interesting using a few part of your brain. Because it’s very simple to play if you do as you situation says. Go forward, pass a levels, kill some wild animals, but first of all make someshooting fun.

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