Madness: Project Nexus

Game description

Are you ready for some madness. This game is really this. Full of action and many more. Shoot, cut, destroy everyone and be a chief.

About the game

Name itself makes this game on first sight very interesting. Does it? Well try to play, and let’s find out. Main actor of this game is danger bald guy, who is ready to do anything to survive. He is a special agent train to kill. Every new mission have new look for your hero. At the beginning you have mission Project Nexus in American state, Nevada. This state is full of deserts. Symbol of this dirty state is of course, sin city, Las Vegas. Beside of gambling building, there’s also a lot of jail’s for offenders. Exactly your first mission is in the jail. You are moving from room to room, clearing everything in front of you. When I say clearing, that means kill everyone.
Madness Project Nexus

Story Mode

Before you start you have an explanation on your screen what you must to do in this hacked game. First you must go into a house for criminals. Using space button you can do this, and this apply for all move to next room. Just press space and go forward. You some red sign moving, when you moving your mouse. It’s aim for hitting enemy. When you see an enemy is approaches to you, just put an aim on his body or head and press your mouse left click. It’s doesn’t matter that you have pistol, or machete or just hands to bring criminals a damage, you must target him with these red marker. You can see your status of bullet ammunition at your top left screen, near your’s icon hero. When enemy starting to enter into room, shoot them immediately. If they so close to you, it’s more useful to use machete, knife, or sword, depend what you what you have. For changing weapon press Q button.
Madness Project Nexus - Map Story Mode

Arena Combat

Arena combat is some that you want to play every day. In this shooting unblocked games it’s unlimited combat. There’s no time limit, enemies limit and every simulation mode situation. This is like arcade mode, no rules, just smash everyone to survive. This mode playing as wave attack season. Your enemy will approach to you in waves. First mission, you have no weapon, only your hands. Like a real fight, like a real boxer, beat them all. Of course it’s not easy to do this, but be persistent. Every new passing level, brings more harder opponents, but luck for you, that you can earn a weapon. So when you grab your fire item, do not show mercy, because they don’t deserve it.

This unblocked shooting game is waiting to be played. Maybe just you are that gay. Because, everyone who enter in this madness world, he feels a true taste of blood and killing. If you are inveterate for that kind of games, it’ really such a place for you. Good luck in the forthcoming actions.

Madness: Project Nexus - Arena Combat
Madness: Project Nexus – Arena Combat


  • Moving – W A S D
  • Jump, Use – Space
  • Swap weapon – Q
  • Aim and shoot – Mouse
Madness: Project Nexus - Game play
Madness: Project Nexus – Game play
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