Mass Mayhem 4

Game description

Are you ready for the explosion, killing and mass destruction? If you are then this is the right game for you! Mass Mayhem 5 will give you real pleasure in the game and good fun while playing. Your task is to kill as many people as you can and inflict as much damage as you can in each levels in order to win as many points with which you can improve and upgrade your weapons such as rocket launcher, grenades, C4 and many other weapons. After each level you get the statistics of how exactly people you killed, how many people you hurt and how much damage you inflict. Perform various missions, win points, kill and destroy everything around, precision and speed in this game is very important. We wish you good luck and good fun in this addictive and exciting
Mass Mayhem 5 game!

Use arrow keys to Aim and Move.
Use up arrow key to use Jetpack.
Spacebar-Drop/Use Weapons.

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