Mass Mayhem: Zombie Apocalypse

Game description

Zombie apocalypse has broke all over the world and your task is to kill as many of these green creatures as you can using a huge selection of weapons! If you’re bored and looking for a challenging shooting game then this Mass Mayhem Apocalypse game a great choice for you. Do not let the zombies to approach you because they will hurt you, using a huge selection of weapons such as shotgun, rifle, pistol, sniper rifle, machine gun, grenades, and other weapons, you can kill zombies and return them to where they came from. The more zombies you kill more point you earn. Later in the game you can improve your weapons, bombs and your bulletproof vest to kill zombies more efficiently and faster and save yourself from damage. Good luck!

Use arrow keys to move, jump and to aim turret and roc.
Spacebar-Fire and use weapons.

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