Plazma Burst 2

Game description

Another great game from yours Get ready for until now the most dangerous mission. Action is everywhere, and be part of it. Plazma Burst 2, like name says is second part of this shooting saga. In this game the task is easy for understand and hard to finish it. Befeore everything write your nickname and go to adventure.

Are you ready

This unblocked shooting game start when you press on campaign. After that you can choose look of your hero. Change your battlesuit to look on way what you like. You can be an alien, space ninja, space policeman or you can choose to be similar like a usual spaceman Also you can change many different colors, like head, body, arms and legs. After that choose your equipment. At the beginning you have a normal weapon, but when you pass some level, you have chance to upgrade all weapons, or buy a new. You can have a maximum 3 weapons, use it all, when you have a chance to do it. Shoot from your pistol or assault riffle or classic shotgun. Later upgrade and buy a weapon that you like. Hit an enemy with alien pistol, assault riffle cs-rc, shotgun c-01s, alien shotgun, rocket launcher cs-litbro, ray gun c-01y, plasmagun, little railgun, grenade and defibrilator. Press done when you finishing. Choose next level if you want to start from the beginning of plazma burst world. You have four intensity levels: easy, normal, hard and impossible. Make a decision and get ready for action.

Every level have a difernt mission, just read on your screen what you must to do to pass a level, and go to new experience. Play with your keyboard and your mouse. Preesing on 1, 2 or 3 button you change a weapon. Move your player with commands w, a, s, d. Aim your enemy and shoot with left click mouse (all explanation about command is on bottom of this text).


In menu of this game go ti setting & performance to choose options which make this game better. Turn on or turn off screen flash effect. Pick low or high quality of display effects and physics. Choose 20, 30 or 60 fps (frame per seconds).
Be a savior of the space. Beat all enemies, go to next level, upgrade your weapon and before that make a fun and enjoy in playing this incredible game.


For shooting use your mouse.
For moving use your classic move key w a s d
Change weapon: ~ 0 1 2 3 or use your wheel mouse
Drop current weapon – V
Last used weapon – Q
Fall – Z
Use – E
Console – Enter
Change attack hero – T
Time warp – Z
Kinetic module – C
Grenade – G

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