Ricochet Kills 4

Game description

Welcome to ricochet kills world. Another famous black and white version game. Fourth part of ricochet kills saga, maybe one of the best. This time your secret agent is on very dangerous mission and tasks never been harder like this. But don’t worry after each level you can upgrade your weapon. Task is simple. Shoot with your gun in that way that you must hit an enemy. Using your brain and eyes you can decide in which way bullet travel to enemy. Also use your edge of your screen to change a way of your throwing stuff from pistol. Try to shot them all in first hit. That’s way of killing brings you a lot of points and you can easier to upgrade your weapon, which means faster move to next level. After your shoot and bullet hit an edge, it will be a 3 hit-edge bullet, which means if you want to kill someone, your bullet have just three times to deny from edge, after that it will disappear.

This game is very useful for your skills, like skills of estimate, skills of assessment and many more. Play, enjoy and be the man in these ricochet kills.


Use your mouse to play this game.

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