Ricochet Kills: Siberia

Game description

Kill all enemies in heart of “mother Russia”, the most coldest place place in the Earth. Wild and beauty Siberia.

About the game

Another part of ricochet kills unblocked games. This time you are in northern part of central Asia. Of course it is Siberia. Huge wildness on area of 13,100,000 km2. No one can imagine this space if don’t go there. So it’s now be a killer is more harder. Joseph Stalin use this cold place to sent a offenders to this deadly places. Many of these abandoned peoples are escape and survive, but it’s there are so many grave yards which are still found today. 30 levels is front of you. Be smart and patient. Main reason why you must be like that is that you can earn more points, and after that conquer a trophies.

Atomic bomb was exploded above Siberia and make these prisoners to become creature. Every human who survive become a green deadly monster, also know as Zombie. You must kill them all on this special mission. Don’t be afraid of deadly infection, because you are protect with your medical suit.

So, let’s start shooting

Collect as many as you can points. How to do that. Be a very precise and use your brain. Hitting target in the head brings the most points. Also try to use as less as you can your firing ammo. Every bullet shot decreases your earn money and stars. It practically means, if you have two zombies to kill, you must use only two bullets. On that way you can earn all three stars, which means perfect score and you collect more money. It’s not main task to do this, but if you want to be a perfect guy, when you pass a mission just press on rotating arrow to restart the mission. Are you satisfied with results, just go to next level, pressing on pointing right arrow. Icon with nine dots bring you to map with all levels.

Every new level brings you more time to thinking: “What should I do now”. It’s simple. let’s say if two creatures on a same firing line, just aim on first and when you put bullet in the air, you will see what is going to be. Right now you kill “two flies with one shot”. Second problem in this hacked game is if your bullet recipient is hiding behind wall, or something else which makes protection to him, try to use bricks, and help yourself to make a kill. Estimate the angle and calculate a way of your killing flying item. Press shot and bullet will hit a brick and continue forward until it go to his target. These two thing is very important to know, and after that you could pass a level easier.

Earn a trophy

Be precise and be prepare for earning some ricochet kills medals. There’s a twelve golden items which wait to be conquer:

  • Let’s go
  • Keep going
  • Halfway
  • Donei
  • Double
  • Maniac
  • Boomber
  • Suicide
  • Killer
  • Sniper
  • Head hunter
  • Star catcher
Ricochet Kills: Siberia - Trophies
Ricochet Kills: Siberia – Trophies


This game need just a mouse to play. Beside that it’s need your focus and shooting skills.

Game play photo

Ricochet Kills: Siberia - Game play image
Ricochet Kills: Siberia
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