Shoot’ Em Up Hidden Foes

Game description

You are located in the middle of enemy territory, everywhere around you is ruins and you are a sniper, whose task is to clear the path of the enemy forces in order to secure a path for your army in order to enter the city.To clean the way, and secure way for your allies you need to kill all the enemies that are hidden on the map, they can be on the ground, the building, the windows and various other places, you will have the exact number of enemies that you must kill in order to complete your task and to do that you must use your sniper rifle, you have to look good because some enemies are hiding and therefore you will need a good eye,
when you find the enemy fire a shot and try to be as accurate as possible, note the time because you limited in timed that means that you do not have much time to waste.
Every next task will be more difficult than the previous one so give your best and test your sniper skills in this challenging unblocked shooting game!

Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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