Sift Heads Cartels Act 3

Game description

About the game

Welcome to another unblocked game of Sift heads saga. It’s part 3 of Cartel actions. An action is at its height. Cartel strikes again and you must to take measures and be a savior of these crime city. Task is not easy but if courage and courageous don’t worry, you will win and kill them all. Remember good always beat evil.

Ready for action

Kiro has breach into cartels territory, actually in there’s house. Climb the stairs to the first floor. Sit on computer and try to break a code. Be careful of enemies. Cartel ninja sneak behind and try to kill you. Press s button to stop that. After that in next scene, you must quick tap space bar button to stop ninja to push from the floor. When you get out from this try to finish this dexterous swordsman pressing on button a. But ninja was escape, and you must chase him. Sit on your motorcycle and run him. The first hard you have. Try to steer a wheel and in same time try to shoot cartels car. You also must watch for other cars and try to do not be crushed. Your motor will be moved left and right with your a and s button. Shooting with left click mouse. After destroy enemies car, occurs next…

Action is still ongoing

Kiro is in unfavorable situation. He’s hiding behind container. You must help him and try to switch to the other side and you take the bat. Use bat to fight with them. A bat is very useful in near combat battle, but guns are guns, and use it for your next mission. Members of cartel, are all over the place. When you hiding behind a car, press on w button and aim your enemy. Shot him in the head, in that way you are sure that hi is definitely dead. Problem with man on tower… don’t worry. Wait him when he wants to shoot on you. In that way he must stand up and this is situation when you must react and shoot this tedious guy. Every next levels or a missions are exactly same and for your survive try to act like truly clever guy. If your life is wasted, don’t worry you started in scene where you finish it. Enjoy and have fun as much as possible. Be a proud hero in sift heads world.


Use mouse to move and aim
Left click to shoot and move to other room, or use stuff
W or S to cover, stand or zoom
A or D to move left or right
1 to 9 to switch weapons
Space button to reload
P for pause

Some gameplay screenshots

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