Snipedown 2

Game description

Stop the enemy’s army that in the vast number moves to your city, you are the only one who can stop them!Your weapon is your sniper rifle, whenever you see an enemy soldier, shoot him before he drew near your town, so you can immediately shoot down enemy by shooting them in the head if you hit them in the body you will need more bullets in order to bring them down,
so be sure to always aim at the head of your enemies.Enemy soldiers will be coming on you in waves, each nex enemy wave soldiers will be more difficult and they will come in bigger number
so do your best.The money you earn while defending your city you can upgrade and improve your sniper rifle to be better and more deadly to your enemies.Stop enemies and defend your city in this exciting and challenging unblocked shooting game!

1,2,3,4,5-Switch ammo type..
Use mouse to zoom and fire.
W,A,S,D-Rocket ship mode.

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