Sniper Team 2

Game description

Be a professional sniper man. Choose a right guy aim, zoom and fire shot. One of the best unblocked shooting games where is sniper main gun. Make a feel like you are in special elite forces and pass a missions. Sniper team is waiting for you. Join you now!!! Serve your country like a real solder.

About the game

In this second part of sniper team game there are more action than never before. New missions. Hard missions. New fields. Much more guns. So many positive things about this hacked game what they make to play this game immediately. Before you do the task, let us show you what you can else do except shooting and also you need that for easier level pass.


This options show you map of trophies that you earn in missions. Every assignment can brigs you a lot of medals. You got Tour of duty medal for every mission pass. Maximum number of these trophies is ten. Complete all missions on prestige and earn going the distance trophies. Be the best of the best. You get this medal if you reach level 25. Every new task have a more and more money. Earn a lot of money and try to gather one million dollars. If you do that you deserve merc trophy. Kill 1000 enemies and collect a bodybag. Join to elite military and stop 10 wave attack in row. Unlock all characters and you got full house. Also try to unlock all of 16 weapons and you got a collector trophy. By the way there’s a perks, actually 32 weapon perks waiting to be unlocked. Inside man – just collect all enemy technology.


Sniper Team 2 - Trophies
Sniper Team 2 – Trophies


Help option

Help or how to play options brings you a lot of information about this sniper team 2 game. There is an explanation what you must to do in every missions. How to buy something in shop. What is very important during the game. Commands for playing and what’s the spec ops mode.

Sniper Team 2 - How to play
Sniper Team 2 – How to play

Select mission and your team members

Choose mission what you want to tray play. After that customize your team. In the begging you have 4 marines: Lone Wolf, Hammer, Carmine and Ghost. Everyone of this soldiers have a particular evaluation for health, accuracy and speed.

Sniper Team 2 - Team
Sniper Team 2 – Team


Aim and be ready

It’s time for an action. You have a for soldiers distributed on different spot. Enemy is coming. Try to defend yourself and your superior. Before enemy comes try to hit parachute. He carrier a health, which you need to recovery. Use sniper with guys who stands on the roof. In close to close combat choose a guys with rifle guns. Use everyone from your special team, because every man is need to defend. Change your soldiers on 1-4 buttons. Look a very carefully for enemies. They probably hide behind the box. You must wait for a right chance to smack them. Press space for zoom and wait to stand up. When nasty little blighter do this, try to hit his head. In that way you collect more dollars. Try to defend in every wave attack. There’s a several waves in every level. Also every level is much harder than last one. If you must use sniper and shotgun in same level press q button to do this.

What can we say any more. Just try to imagine this situation. You, your sniper team, your country. Somewhere in this buildings enemy is hide. Kill them all when stuck there heads and make your sniper elite special force team proud. We serve justice!!!

Sniper Team 2 - Controls
Sniper Team 2 – Controls


Mouse – aim and fire
Space bar – locked zoom
X or shift – temporary zoom
1, 2, 3, 4 buttons – switch fighter
R – reload weapon (game has automatic reload)
E – call for air support
Esc or P – pause
M – mute sound



Game play images

Sniper Team 2 - Gameplay
Sniper Team 2 – Gameplay
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