Storm The House 3

Game description

Get prepare for group attack. Defend yourself and your property and everything in it.

About the game

Third part of these incredible defend shooting unblocked game. This time a charge by attackers is much harder than previous parts. So at the start this hacked game brings a lot of good spending time on your gaming machine. There is no what to explain for this game. Group of angry guys approach to you and your building. Kill then all and your job is finished. Maybe this plan looks simple, but trust us, it’s not.. Good luck

How to play

Task is simple. Use your shooting and defend skills to bring a victory to your town. Before every level you you must choose your weapon to shoot and in tower option use tower to defend your building. Also you have an opportunity to pick some defensive item for your house. Game it lasts constantly and what’s new, it’s that you can upgrade your tower during the attack. Beside of that you can change your weapon. In the text below you can find out, what you can use, buy or upgrade to make a victory. On your left screen of game window pick one of four level to play: Easy, normal, hard or why God


Buy some defensive items for easier defense. House upgrade:

  • Gunman – one cost 200$.
  • Repair man – one cost 500$.
  • Upgrade wall – every new upgrade cost higher than previous. First prize is 800$.
  • Repair house – 100$ for 50 health.


For every guns you can upgrade ammo, accuracy and speed of reload. Guns which you may buy:

  • Desert eagle – default weapon
  • Uzi – 800$. Use this for pleasure of semi-automatic weapon
  • Combat shotgun – 2000$. Very effective against zombies.
  • S.C.A.R. – 5000$. Similar like Uzi, but much stronger.
  • DAO-12 – 4000$. Balsiter newest version of shotgun
  • Flame thrower – 7500$. Probably the best invention in WWII
  • Machine Gun – 11000$. Be and act like a real Rambo. Shoot in every way and kill everyone.
  • Chainsaw – 5000$. Texas massacre, but much better.
  • Grenade launcher – 10000$. Throw grenade and kill enemy as far from your house.
  • Space laser – 20000$. Weapon of the future. Kill enemies with laser beam.
  • The Quaker – 7000$. Current gun. Use it for close combat.
  • Old Glory – 30000$. Heavy gun, but very deadly for everyone


In front of your house you have a three spots to put towers. Choose one of these defending buildings:

  • Fan tower – 2000$. When enemy is close, this tower slow him down.
  • Quake Box – 2000$. Excellent for foot soldiers.
  • Tesla Tower – 4000$. This tower use electric to defend, and kill enemy immediately.
  • Missile Turret – 6000$. Use it for long combat. Rocket from it destroy everything.
  • Laser tower – 8000$. M6 laser weapon. Enemy can’t see it, but this laser kill.
  • Flamer Joe – 5000$. Throw a flame into enemies face.
  • Shield Generator – 3000$. Taking lives very fast.


What is special of this game is taht you can choose a way of battle. Fight against Spartans, zombies, Germans, ninjas… The choice is yours.

  • Capture the flag – Stop enemies to bring his flag to your yard.
  • This is Sparta – Fight against real Spartans. Kill all 300 soldiers.
  • Zombocalypse – Zobmie attack. Kill all these green deadly walkers. Yous must to handle 3 minutes
  • The Entertainer – Ninja attack. They have a swords, but you have a gun. Smash them all.
  • McJeepunch – Use a large hand to smash jeeps. Try to do this as many as you can.
  • Sandbox – Create your own battle


Use your keyboard and mouse to play this game.

  • Relaod – Space bar
  • Switch weapon – Z or mousewheel
  • Pause – P

Game play images

Caption Flag

This is Sparta

Smash a cars

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