Strike Force Commando

Game description

Are you ready for bloodiest unblocked shooting game!?If you are then this is the right game for you!You are commando and your mission is to kill all the enemies who oppose you!
Here you have a huge selection of weapons that you can use to kill your enemies, some of them is a gun, shotgun, submachine gun, bazooka, machine gun, bombs and many other weapons!
Your task in each mission will be to kill a certain number of enemies, in order to switch to the next level.Avoid enemy bullets and do not stay long in one place in the course of the fight, you have to constantly moving and at the same time shoot at enemies.Later you can upgrade your weapons and your commando from money you earn in missions.We wish you lots of fun in this challenging shooting game!

Use W,A,s,D to move.
Use mouse to aim and shoot.

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