Strike Of War

Game description

Be ready for some special missions which you are main factor of this brutality game.

About the game

Strike of war is unblocked game which leaves you breathless. Lot of guns, many interesting missions, good crew, aircraft attack, angry enemies, everything is there and these stuffs produce surely game which you wanna play everyday. You are soldier. Your main task is eliminated all enemies. Os course first you must play campaign, before game starting you have a tutorial. These info will use it into a game.

Campaign is one of two way of play and for sure so dynamic. Pick a mission which you wanna to play and ready for some action. When you start to shooting and killing some people, read carefully what you and your squad must to do. There’s info about mission descriptions and objectives. Also you have data about your enemy soldiers group. After you pass tutorial, maybe you will be confused, but don\t worry, just kill everyone and problem will be solved. Pick with your numbers on your keyboard which weapon you wanna to use for attacking.

Something new in flash games when is about the shooting is use some special stuffs. You have three killstreaks opportunity. Look at down right screen and press q, and you will see that attack way will be change. Choose between: attack helicopter, airstrike and UAW (usually attack wave). On your top left screen you have info about your and enemy crew. For health and armor strength look on down left of the screen. Every else is the same like basic shooting games. Go left, right, jump, go down and aim on soldier which you wanna to kill and just fire on him. If you are in unequivocal situation try to throw a bomb and release yourself. Be smart and reload your weapon at a right time. You have chance to unlocked all mission just be patient.

Special Operations

Second way of play these hacked game is special ops missions. It’s like death match and it will be more blood than previous part, campaign mode. In these way of play you have not a task or a missions, you must just to survive and kill everyone on the map. It’s simply way of play if you go to the first options.

Try to customize your special ops how you wanna to play and how you wanna to look a level. There as five different game mode:

  • Team deathmatch – eliminate the opposing forge
  • Capture point – conquer enemies forge and capture location points
  • Free for all – eliminate all other enemy group
  • Gun game – eliminate all troops and weapon will be upgrade automatically when you kill someone
  • Grab and protect – kill and win the opposing forge and steal enemies flag and protect yours.

Also pick a points to win, choose how many players will join into this game, your elites or opfor enemies. There’s a locked maps, so play these special operation and unlocked them.

If you wanna to play random of these many different way of plays, just go to quick mission options. Before you start to moving read text on bottom and see what you must to do to bring a victory to you or your teammates.

Look at this soldier

This game continue to surpasses. Customize your soldier and choose a right weapons for him. There’s are five type of soldiers depending on what the task is in front of him: assault, spec ops, demolition, sniper, heavy assault. You have info about everyone: which level you are, how many you have kills, how many headsshots and killstreks. Choose for all primary and secondary weapon and perks. There’s a plenty of guns, so it will be hard to decide which is right for you. Pick between: rifle, smg, shotgun, sniper rifle, lmg and handgun. Put silencer on your riffle if you want. When talking about the perks there’s is similar situation. Choose two of five sections. Every section will be unlocked when you earn a points and experience. Be samrt and pick a right weapon for any kind of terms.


In every mission you have chance to bring and earn points. Depend of number of kills, winning matches, how many supported you have, destroying helicopter and headshots you have chance to collect all of these special stuffs. This is important, because when you collect some of this specialty, the weapon which before that was locked it will be unlocked and ready to use. This is list of achievements:

  • First kill – you are the one who kill first
  • Getting started – Kill 100 enemies
  • Hunter – Kill 1000 enemies
  • Annihilator – Kill 10000 enemies
  • Grabber – Win an conquer 10 gran and defend matches
  • Supporter – 10 times use support
  • Hunger Streaks – Be a winner in 10 ffa matches
  • Liav inbound – Use a liav 50 times
  • Special ops soldier – Finish all special operation tasks
  • Team player – Win 10 times in deathmatches
  • Next mission – Complete all missions in the campaign mode
  • Streaker – Make 500 killstreaks
  • Chopper down – Destroy enemies helicopter
  • Sharpshooter – Get 1000 headshots
  • Weapoms expert – Make a win in 10 gun game mode
  • Chopper inbound – Call a helicopter 50 times to attack
  • Airstrike inbound – Get 50 times airstrike attack
  • Control point – Win 10 capture point matches


Use your keyboard and mouse to play this game:

  • Movement – W A S D and Space
  • Shooting – Left click
  • Melle attack – 1
  • Primary weapon – 2
  • Secondary weapon – 3
  • Weapon attachment – 5
  • Select killstreaks – Q
  • Active killstreaks – E
  • Use and throw grenade – G

Prepare yourself for incredible military adventure. Pick a right weapon, choose a right map, create your soldier, use your precise skills and be a part of this unforgettable missions. Good luck in deciding and go to manhunt.

Strike Of War - Game play
Strike Of War – Game play
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