The Peacekeeper

Game description

Are you ready for the bloodiest battle so far?If you are then this is right unblocked shooting game for you!Your task is to defend your position, your enemies will attack you from all sides and you have to stop them, you have to kill them all before they kill you.To survive this bloody skirmish you need to shoot while you avoid enemy bullets that will constantly go in your way,
if your enemy hits you too many times it will be game over for you so be careful.Here you have a large number of weapons that you can use against enemies such as pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, bombs, grenades and many other weapons.After each mission you can buy better weapons, or you can upgrade your weapons you already own.Every next level will be more difficult than the previous one so try your best and survive this bloody battle.Good luck!

Use arrow keys to move.

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