Undead Highway

Game description

The judgement day has come. You must survive killing these deadly creatures. This fantastic game moving your balance to way of play shooting games.

You are on highway and you must to hit zombies, you must ill them all. IF you don’t do that, there as a chance to be an infected, and you become on of these bad deadly guys. But don’t worry, you have a situation to make different. Use your shooting skill, use your gun, and a trouble will pass. At the began, you must shoot them with easy gun, but after each level, sometimes in same level, you have an opportunity to get a stronger weapon like shotgun, riffle, flame thrower, two hand pistols and many more.

Also when you shooting, you can move and run from zombies, when they chase and come to you. By the way if munition is out, that is the best way to run away from these green slow creatures.
In every level when you hit and destroyed zombie, on a same place will be show a brown wood box with ? sign. Pick up these stuff, and you have a chance to make a money and maybe new weapon. Also everything other what you see on map, when killing a zombie, pick up, because maybe that will you need to pass to the next level.

You have situation that you must to change a weapon. It’s easy. Pressing on number buttons from 1 to 9, you change a weapon, and continue to fight against them.

Be a hero. Save the world from deadly virus. Speed up your moving mouse skill. And finally have a fun.


These game play with mouse and keyboard
Use mouse left click to shooting
Your arrow keys is for moving
Use button space to change a weapon
Press 1-9 use your favorite weapon
When you wann break press P for pause
Pressing on ESC you leave these virtual world

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